We got the cast of “Men in Heels” to design their dream heels. They were toe-riffic!

Look to the heel, young man. The sex is in the heel!” – Lola, Kinky Boots

There’s something irresistible about a pair of sexy stilettos, isn’t there? Their shape. Their texture. Their allure. Ooh la la. When danger is a-foot, what better to wear?

And who would know better about these fetishistic forms of female footwear than the cast of Men In Heels, the latest show at the Kuala Performing Performing Centre?

Directed by Joe Hasham, the show tells the tale of best friends Peter (Mark Beau de Silva), Ilya (Zhafir Muzani) and Bryan (Ivan Chan) who work hard to make it big in the city of KL, chasing their dreams to perform on the big stage. All the while looking fabulous in heels, too.

The cast (L-R): Zhafir Muzani, Ivan Chan, Mark Beau de Silva

But surely being in heels throughout the rehearsals must have given them some idea of what they would consider a perfect pair of stilettos for any lady (or gentleman) going for a night out on the town, right?

So we asked the three cast members of Men in Heels to design their ideal pair of high heels. No expense was too high…the three were free to create whatever they liked, and write the sales pitch!

And what can we say, the performers certainly bore their hearts and soles to create some amazing designs! These guys are definitely a shoe-in to be the next big things. Eat your heart out, Jimmy Choo!

KILLKEEL, aka THE YELLOW HEEL!™  by ivan chan 

Inspired by James Bond and The Bride from Kill Bill. Fun, dangerous and fabulous, how can you not like it?

So, let me tell you the truth about these heels, yellow will always be Fun. Firstly it’s soooo pop art, secondly you’ll be seen from miles away, so even if you are having a bad hair day or you’re not feeling the dress you’re wearing, you’ll always look fun and fashionable in your yellow heels.

As you all know, Safety is priority for spies like James Bond, you better be prepared when your safety is compromised. Kick your heel back and a pen knife will reveal itself! The perfect weapon for self-defense, use it wisely. 

And girls, we all know B.O is a no no, so when u can smell the funk, turn the petals clockwise to unleash Chanel number 5 . And lastly, the most imported state of the art feature of the yellow heel is, drum roll please, THE ROCKET LAUNCHER! This would catapult you and your wig  to fame, fabulosity and beyond. I mean Manolo who?  I swear if James Bond could wear heels, he would want a pair.

UNICORN GREY VELVET!™ – by mark beau de silva

Custom made Unicorn Grey Velvet is made with (ethically) harvested dead mares’ hooves! They form the perfect heel for magical strolls under the rainbow!
Comes adorned with a horn made of real quartz crystal to give the wearer luck and glamour!




 SUPERWOMEN HEELS!™ – by zhafir muzani

Always late to fetch your kids from school? 
Always late to reach your office ? 
Rushing to send your documents to the next building? 
Cannot run fast enough to catch dinner with your loved one? 
Well, worry no more! Superwomen heels obviously make your life easier!

Made from soft wire imported from Korea, it is suitable for your feet so your heels will follow your feet movement.

Its flexible ! The cutie wings will help you to fly 158 cm higher so you can go to your destination faster. Afraid to fly? You can choose the wheels mode. Just tap your heels 2 times, and the wheels will appear. If you want to keep it, tap 2 times again.

Worried that your makeup will be ruined after flying with cutie wings? Superwomen heels comes with a lipstick. You can choose 2 colours, light and dark. Just take off the back of the heels and you can use your lipstick!


Men in Heels will be showing at Pentas 2, the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre on the following dates

24th Feb, 1st – 3rd Mar, 8th – 10th Mar 2018 @ 8.30pm
25th Feb, 4th Mar & 11 Mar 2018 @3pm

You can buy tickets online or by calling the Klpac Box Office at +603-4047 9000. Tickets are RM100 (Patron of The Arts VIP Seating – Minimum RM100, Limited – Only 30 Seats), RM55 (Regular Seating) and RM45 (Concession).

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