5 Short+Sweet musicals that will get your feet tapping in 10 minutes (or less)

The annual Short and Sweet Festival (or S+S in short) hosted by KPAC is recognized as one of the most looked-forward to stage competitions due to it’s unique spin of capping entries to a maximum of 10 minutes, along with it’s open door policy that opens participation to anyone regardless of performing experience.

For the audience, this means that good shows will be “just right”, and not-so-good shows will be over faster than a bad Tinder date. Everybody wins!

But you’re not here to read a press release.

You’re here to either re-experience some good memories, see what S+S is all about, or to see if your entry is included in the article.

We selected the following entries based on a stringent criteria which involves:

  • Awards won
  • Asking several performers which pieces they found memorable
  • Availability on YouTube ← probably the most important criteria.

So with that out of the way, let’s head to the first entry on the list…

The Geong Xi is a Vamp (2012)

Quick Synopsis: Chinese family send son oversea to study. Son come back westernized. Asian father is disappoint. Cataclysmic event happen. Basically a TVB drama, except with vampires. Funny. Won 7 out of 13 available awards.

Dreaming Outside the Box (2013)

Quick Synopsis: Jack-in-a-box is in love with Jill-in-a-box. Jill wants Jack to cash her ousside. But they’re both stuck in boxes. How bow dah? Won 8 out of 14 available awards.

300 million (Reconceptualisation of a conception) ( 2014)

Quick Synopsis: A bunch of sperm want to ovulate ovaries. Short and sweet but satisfying…….said no one ever. Except in regards to this piece. Won 3 out of 14 available awards.

Walk with Me (2015)

Quick synopsis: Girl’s relationship with pet doggo from child till adult. Pet doggo’s relationship with girl for his entire life. Listen to music because cannot see performance past tears. Won 3 out of 14 available awards.

Disorder in the Court  (2012)

Quick Synopsis: Trial of the century. Datuk accused of murder faces pun-ishment. Musical actors singing in their law suits giving arresting performances. Too many puns? You be the judge. Courted 5 out of 13 available awards.

These videos are terrible!

Agreed. Videos can never perfectly capture the magic of the stage – even with with dual camera phones (we tried).

If you’d like to witness the magic of Short and Sweet for yourself, you’re in luck! S+S musical is happening NOW at the following times.

S+S Musical (8.30pm)
26 Sep – 29 Sep 2018
[GALA NIGHT] 30 Sep 2018 

Dance and Theatre categories are happening in October. More information on ticketing and showtimes here.