My Journey at klpac by June Zhu Wen

I just can’t believe my internship has come to an end. It felt so strongly that klpac was the second comfort zone for me in Malaysia other than my campus. And theatre is a gem gleaming in the inward night. Back to the time when I was applying for the internship, I had no idea what kind of life I would be living in the next four months. The only thing I knew was, I want to be in the art industry, and that I want to know how great art is created/curated. I didn’t do much research because the first company popped out from the google research when I keyed in ‘the best art company in Malaysia’ was klpac. Till now I still wonder why I was recruited and how I survived the past four months, since I had no background related to art at all. April 15th witnessed my first day of work. The same time I felt so lost but, the same time, so excited about what would take place in the next second. I was even woke up by a sense of insecurity. So many enlightening ‘first time’s happened here. For the very first time, I knew how a production can be like, and how a
great show comes into being. But at the same time, I realised the gap that I need to fill up, in terms of experience, but also knowledge and skills. They said I am lucky that when I started my internship, there were so many ongoing productions that I could be involved. Speaking of that, I can still recall the moment I saw the costume I created for the Mc Donald character presented on the stage where more than a hundred audience were there. I felt so glad that I can create something bare-handed and It was eventually appreciated. It’s the time when I was assigned as the photographer to record some ‘behind-the-scenes’s during the rehearsals that I found out how an interest can be turned into a skill, or even a career. The more skills you excel, the better chance you can stand out from the crowds is what I learned throughout the journey. Being a versatile person can be a plus since luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, which I found so true when I looked through the portfolios of the casts and crews. They already took multi-talents and multitasking skills for granted. During the same day, they can be a teacher in a middle school in the morning and a lighting designer teaching behind the control console for a musical at night. It was during the Thunderstorm production that I had a deeper understanding of “no matter what happen today, we have tomorrow”. Things happened, mistakes occurred. You can’t have everything under your control, so what you can do is plodding with faith and diligence. I am so much amazed by how people strive for freedom of expression and the love of art. Even though governmental support is rarely regarded as an obvious solution to the private art industry, still there are people dare to speak out, and brave to tilt at social injustices. Being an expatriate, I can feel how arts can represent cultural identities and traditions across the country. Nurtured with the boom-and-bust history, it was the diversity of culture and race that created the richness of Malaysian art and its social conducts. And the klpac is such a wonderful place where my warm-hearted colleagues, or to be specific, ‘comrades’, once again proved how language or nationality can’t stop us doing what we are aiming for a joint goal. We argued, quarreled, but also laughed, hugged, supported each other. Overwhelmed with emotions and memory, I finally finishing this article when I am waiting for check-in for the flight to Milan, to further my study on art management. Everything happened in klpac will be a glittering diamond in the deepest recesses of my heart. — by June Zhu Wen 4 September 2019 1:41 AM

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